The G.O.A.L. of Wealth Paradigm

The G.O.A.L. of Wealth (GOW) paradigm is a holistic, stewardship process to help you achieve a legacy of wealth.  The GOW paradigm is comprised of the OIKO 7 Protocols, the 7 Dimensions of Wealth Precepts, and 7
Wisdom of Wealth Principles.
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The GOW embraces the “oikonomos” definition of, house (oiko) and steward (nomos) or, the stewardship of all household resources.  These principles serve as the lens to view things from an, eternal perspective, or the what, the why, and the  how to apply the principles to achieve wealth.
How will you achieve your legacy of wealth?
 By striving to use…
  • every moment,
  • every penny and
  • every talent, skill and ability
100% of the time, 100% toward your, G.O.A.L. of Wealth.
Who are you leaving your achieved legacy?
  • your family, the first community
  • your local community, where you live, work and play
  • the global community, where you can help to impact directly and indirectly
The G.O.A.L. of  Wealth:
God’s Objective to Achieve a Legacy for
you and your family, your local community,
and the larger, global community

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