7 Dimensions of Wealth

The 7 Dimensions of Wealth (7DOW) embraces the perspective that, “wealth” is less about money and more about experiencing a balance with the seven dimensions that impact our life on a daily basis. They are:

  • faith
  • family
  • finance
  • career
  • civic
  • health
  • personal

To help determine your “value” for each of the seven dimensions, please take 3 minutes to answer the following IWI Wealth Quotient (WQ) survey question.

IWI Wealth Quotient Survey #1

You have $100 to spend on the following items.  Place a dollar amount next to each of the items listed.  The total can not exceed $100.

__Power  __Long Life __Career __Fame  __Knowledge

__Respect __Peace  __Achievement  __Salvation  __Friendship

__Success   __Joy  __Security __Health __Family  __Wisdom

__Honor  __Popularity __Faith __Money  __Community

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