Infiniti WEALTH Institute, LLC

1518 Greenwood Ave.
Hamilton, NJ 08609

Office ( 201.844.8388) Web: www.iwealthi.com

Infiniti WEALTH Institute, LLC  (IWI)  is a for-profit enterprise, committed to helping individuals, businesses, community and  faith-based organizations create generational wealth through investment clubs, family owned businesses and by establishing private family foundations.

The mission of Infiniti WEALTH Institute is to help individuals, enterprises, and faith based organizations achieve the G.O.A.L  (Goals and Objectives for Achieving a Legacy) of Wealth for their families, their local communities and the larger, global community.

The vision of Infiniti WEALTH Institute is to provide financial education, strategies and solutions that assist in achieving the G.O.A.L. of Wealth (GOW) and in creating generational wealth.

The G.O.A.L. of Wealth paradigm is comprised of three core components.  They are: the,      7 Dimensions of Wealth (7DOW) Precepts, the OIKO 7 Protocols (OIKO7) and the, 7 Wisdom of Wealth (7WOW) Principles.

The first component, 7 Dimensions of Wealth Precepts, embraces the paradigm  that “wealth” is less about money, and more about having a balance in the seven areas, or dimensions, that impact our life.  They are:  faith, family, finance, career, civic, health and personal.

The second component, the

OIKO 7 Protocols, shares how we are to managing the time, talent and treasure we have been entrusted as stewards.  We are obligated to manage from an “eternal perspective” instead of our personal viewpoint.  And, when these  seven key protocols: perspective, position, purpose, plan, perform, persevere and promises, are internalized, we will achieve the Goal of Wealth.  Ultimately we understand is simply having peace.

The third and final component of the Goal of Wealth Paradigm, the 7 Wisdom of Wealth Principles, enables us to experience the Goal of Wealth, by applying the seven key principles: 1) Wisdom of Wealth; 2) Creating Wealth; 3) Growing Wealth; 4) Managing Wealth;              5) Protecting Wealth;  6) Preserving Wealth; and 7) Transferring Wealth.