Executive & Enterprise Financial Services


Business/Organization Leaders/Executives have various concerns depending on the size, growth stage and type of enterprise.  Essentially, these concerns fall into seven major categories:

  1. Managing Enterprise Assets 
  2. Creating Enterprise Assets
  3. Acquiring Enterprise Assets
  4. Growing Enterprise Assets 
  5. Protecting Enterprise Assets 
  6. Preserving Enterprise Assets 
  7. Transferring Enterprise Assets

In order to offer the best strategies and solutions to solve these concerns, our trusted advisors will perform a preliminary analysis based on a completed Executive/Enterprise Profile, based on the variables including:

1.     Short-Term Liquidity– To determine your ability to meet short time obligations

2.    Asset Valuation– To ensure that your statement of financial condition values assets realistically and recognizes the income tax effect on unrealized capital gains

3.    Portfolio Mix– To assess the appropriateness of your holdings in relation to your particular circumstances and financial planning needs

4.    Investment Performance– To assess the performance of your investment

5.    Asset Management– To appraise the effectiveness of your management of assets

6.    Liability Management– To analyze the effectiveness of your use of debt to achieve financial planning objectives

7.    Contingent Liabilities– To determine if you have any potential contingent liabilities that may materially affect your financial condition

8.    Sources of Net Worth Growth– To identify various sources that contribute to the increase in your net worth in order to assess fund flows

9.    Cost Of Debt Service– To identify opportunities to minimize interest cost

10.  Financial Calamity– To gauge whether you are currently experiencing or may in the near future experience financial stress

11.   Adequacy of Retirement Funds– To measure the adequacy of resources  earmarked for retirement

12.  Potential Estate Tax Liability– To estimate your federal and state estate tax exposure for estate planning purposes

13.  Stability & Sources of Income– To review your income sources in order to make projections of future levels of income

14.  Level of  Expenditures– To examine the level and purposes of your expenditures in order to forecast future expenditures patterns and/or identify opportunities for savings

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