OIKO 2020 Wealth Program

In 1985 Ebony Magazine published an issue which raised the question, “Where Will Blacks Be in the Year 2000.” It is thirty-five years since the article was written, and it has been stated numerous times, in various venues, by political, economic and social pundits, “Blacks are not where we should be based on the foundation that was forged by Black leadership during the early 1700’s.”

But perhaps, what really matters is not their prognostication about African Americans in general, but rather, what was you prediction regarding your “world” in the year 2019.  Are you where you anticipated?  And did you achieve you 2019 goals?  Infiniti Wealth Institute is willing to partner with you and/or your organization, to help “transform your world” and achieve a legacy of wealth.

The OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program (OWP) was developed by Rudiger Z. Ellis, in response to the Ebony magazine article by community and faith based organizational leaders during the seminars and workshops conducted over the years.  Infiniti Wealth Institute collaborates with a consortium of professionals from various disciplines, who are committed to help transform families, and empower them with the strategies and solutions to achieve a legacy of wealth through the OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program.

The OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program incorporates three core components, The OIKOnomos Precepts (OIKO) , The 7 Dimensions of Wealth© and 7 Financial Stewardship Principles (FSP) principles.  The first component is the OIKO7, are seven universal principles which serve as the paradigm to help frame the experiences of life, see a situation, set of circumstances or actions of people from an “eternal perspective” instead of our own viewpoint.  The seven precepts are:   perspective, position, purpose, plan, perform, persevere and promises.

The OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program Overview


Beginning in 2020, Infiniti Wealth Institute will covenant with community and/or faith-based organizations to implement the OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program.  IWI will engage with organizations whose elder/leadership will commit to and embrace the program as outlined per the “The G.O.A.L of Wealth©” principles.  The elder/leadership of each church or organization, will identify a minimum of ten participants or households.


Each participant reflects an understanding and perspective that their “position,” physically, mentally and spiritually, is critical to the achievement of their GOAL of Wealth©.


The purpose of the OWP is to positively impact the world, by transforming the lives of each participant and their family, their first community, which will then enable each household to impact the greater “community.”


The plan is to engage faith-based organizations and participants in a formalized program until 2020.  IWI will also continue to engage with sponsoring organizations and participants through other forums and IWI’s lifetime access support community beyond 2020.


Each participant will covenant with the participants within their group, the faith-based organization and IWI, to engage in all weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual activities as outlined by the GOW system.  This will ensure that participants experience the maximum benefit of the family goals and objectives. Those participants that do not maintain a satisfactory participation level, as defined in the GOW Legacy Covenant, will have self-selected themselves out of the OWP.


All participants who remain with the OWP and diligently work to fulfill their commitment regarding the GOW Legacy process over the period will have lifetime access to a support community for each of the 7 Dimensions of WEALTH©.


The three promises for the participants of the OIKOnomos 2020 WEALTH Program are:

  1. 100% commitment of support by the OWP stakeholders, which is the faith-based organization/church and Infiniti WEALTH Institute, LLC.
  2. Achievement of the GOAL of WEALTH for each participant and their family.
  3. Opportunity to effect transformational change in the world, locally and globally

 The OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program

Course Cost/Fees
The cost to participate in the OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program is based on actual cost for services and are negotiated on a case by case basis.  All costs will cover course materials, workbook, binders, copying etc for each participant which is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.  A program budget will be provided to the leadership/eldership of the organization.  The course books and material are purchased directly from Infiniti WEALTH Institute, LLC and are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

For more information regarding this program or if your faith-based organization or church is interested in participating, please contact Rudy Ellis, Lead Facilitator for the OIKOnomos 2020 Wealth Program via email.  He can be reached at, rudyellis@iwealthi.com or by phone, 201.844.8388.

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