The G.O.A.L of Financial Wealth

The G.O.A.L. of Wealth (GOW) paradigm is a holistic and comprehensive stewardship process to help you achieve God’s Objectives to Achieve a Legacy, for you and your family, your local community, and the larger, global community.  The GOW paradigm includes, the 7 Dimensions of Wealth©, 7 OIKOnomos Precepts©, and the 7 Financial Stewardship Principles©.  The GOW embraces the “oikonomos” definition of, house (oiko) and steward (nomos) or the stewardship of all household resources.  These principles serve as the paradigm for applying an eternal perspective, or the why, what and how to achieve generational wealth.

The Financial Stewardship Principles principles will help you to understand the:

  1. Wisdom of Wealth (WOW) principles, by teaching you the, what, why and how to apply strategies and solutions, so you can achieve your G.O.A.L. of Wealth
  2. Identify opportunities to create and build wealth
  3. Apply strategies and solutions to grow and increase your wealth
  4. Implement strategies and solutions to manage and maximize your wealth
  5. Engage strategies and solutions to protect and insure your wealth
  6. Employ strategies and solutions to preserve and decrease your taxable wealth
  7. Execute strategies and solutions to transfer and distribute your achieved wealth
Please answer the following IWI Wealth Quotient survey question #4
Who will benefit from your achieved legacy?
  • your family, the first community, and/or
  • your local community, where you live, work and play, and/or
  • the global community, where you can impact directly and indirectly

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